Huawei P40 Pro Unboxing - The Best Camera Ever?

Publicado el 26 mar 2020
Huawei has just announced the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus, so welcome to my Unboxing and Camera Test of the Huawei P40 Pro! Detailed camera comparison coming soon.
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  • are you at Jubilee campus?

    • Hell yeah‼️‼️‼️

  • can you lend me your iphone 12

  • 11:38 whats up with PornHub?? 😂😂

  • This mobile isnt compatible with Google play. I'll never buy this mobile.

  • Does it have the same screen turning thing as the mate 30 pro?

  • You got p40 pro on the title

  • Does anyone noticed that he has ocd???

  • I think huawei is best more than Apple.price,spec,features like camera ,battery ,natural colour ...

  • is it even possible to get the Huawei p40 in the US or any Huawei phone because ive been wanting one for a few years now

  • Me watching from the p30 lite: interesting

  • Wow give me my phone 😓😥😟☹️

  • Watching this on my P40 Pro 😍 thanks Arun for all the reviews

  • I have it

  • Do u get these phones for free?

  • 🐇🐰DAVI😍👍c

  • 🐇🐰DAVI😍👍g

  • Best camera ever but no demo DOH

  • Use APKPURE for finding apps not available in the app gallery and use Petal Maps for Google maps alternative and ESmain Vanced for ESmain Alternative. Games and Spotify and more are all available in APKPURE use this app store alternative until HarmonyOS comes and app gallery has all the apps. Huawei is excellent and I'm using Huawei Mediapad M6 and also Huawei P40. I'm living life without Google as a gamer and as a person who is actively addicted to social media. Give it a try.

  • You got a dimple 😂🔥🔥

  • give me one phone.

  • somebody tell him to startup the matrix video on his background

  • Huawei litreally copied every Samsung's design

  • Colurs are not natural on Huawei phones this year... strange... Waiting for mate 40 pro. May be they will fix it.

  • DEAR LORD YOU GET CASE 40w charger headphones what else a car that goes with it what we apple users get a charging cable no adopter 😩😩😩FUCK YOU APPLE RIP OFF

  • Best camera on a phone I don't think so

  • I'm not getting that trash Samsung copy cat phone. The phone is made by a company from CHEI-NA!

  • It could snap you out of existence

  • Why didn't you say "my name is Aron"? I waited the whole video for that =)))

  • I have an s9 it has a curve and other galaxys have thats not the first phone with curve

  • 11:38 - 11:39: The phone says PornHub: Are you Italian? My VPN:

  • You should talk/discuss/review more on the macro shot result. P40 has dedicated lens (super macro mode) using its ultra wide lens whereas P40 Pro remove super macro mode on its ultra wide lens.

  • give me one please :(

  • The only thing from making ppl buy huawei phones *NO GOOGLE SERVICES*

  • 11:38 was that intentional boss??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • 4:31 "Samsung Global Services" lmao

  • Nice

  • Does Google work on the p 40 pro?

    • I don’t think so as it’s still a huewai

  • Best camera, no. Best phone camera, yes.

  • Who else loves to watch things they can't afford😂😂😂

  • 9:51 bet these phones are all ones he’s bought

  • Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how he has Kahoot on this phone

    • @KㄚびՖびヲ tik tok ?? That's disgusting

    • @KㄚびՖびヲ No shut sherlocks

    • I have a Huawei p 40 lite and they have a recommended apps folder and it has snapchat kahoot tik tok and many other apps

    • Love that 😂

  • Huawei makes best camera mobiles i hate low resolution pixel

  • owo

  • The curved edge of huawai is not similar to other. They dont curved the corner

  • What a phone

  • This is just best phone i have ever seen

  • We need more huawei products

  • CCP though...

  • I like how you have say "wired headphones" before it was the normal

  • Just buy a camera

  • You unboxed it on a TV !!

  • 0:20 "Huawei" auto-transcribed as "[ __ ] way"

  • They can't beat Samsung it is big brand

  • "Huawei branded Protein Bar" HAHAHA

  • LE HUAWEI` This is a CAMERA with a PHONE

  • Its really sad to see this GREAT company Decline due to FILTHY american policies

    • True That phone would be a God if it also had Google services. But we have to believe that Appgallery will be great

  • I have realme 6i

  • Photos are too realistic.

  • I had the p40 Pro for 1 week and couldn't live without Google services so I sent it back!

  • I have a question for you and I don't know if you have ever dealt with such a question or not. I usually am the reviewers guide for blind people in South Africa, and I usually tell people how to use their phones and how to make the best of their phones as blind people. I recently heard a u unboxing the Huawei, p40, and I was wondering if you would do a review where you can actually touch on what does Huawei have for blind people? how is Huawei's gallery making it accessible for blind people to be able to use their phones independently? Why I ask, it's because with Android you knew you had to pack or voice assistant, but what does Huawei then bring to the table?

  • Huawei was doing so freaking great its so sad they don't have Google services like in my country it had almost replaced samsung

  • 2:50 that helpless effort to move the camera gave me OCD

  • Whether or not the P40 Pro sports Google Chrome and Google Drive

  • Does any one know if there is an alternative app i can use for Google pay on p40 pro???

  • v

  • Bro I am getting sick that you will never do proper unboxing videos with introducing all the specs at a time 👎👎👎👎improve pls

  • To much expensive

  • Huawei p series comparison pls

  • Who saw something in 11:39?

  • some people should put their nationalism into their ass


  • How much it

  • 11:38 the best meme to show on IG 😂😂😂

  • It’s entirely ok for a communist state owned company to produce the phone with the best camera to pry into your privacy.

  • Hello from my P40 Pro.

  • What is that at 1:41

  • Watching this video with my mate 10 lite, a phone I had picked up with little to no research due to an emergency and God til date after 2yrs 8 months it takes spectacular pics. I have people asking me if I use a DSLR or a phone. Now I'm looking to get a new phone since this baby is old but haven't found a deserving successor. The ban on huawei by US hurt me a lot as I'm heavy Google app user including ESmain which is my only source of consuming news. Huawei was having a gold run and my next phone would have been Huawei for sure. I hope things turn around in their favour.

  • বাঙালি সব জায়গায় আছে এবং থাকবে।

  • 80% of the viewers can't afford pretty much every video this guy upload

  • What is reflective index and why would you want that of diamond? What's special there?

  • Hello i am from and and i am your big fan love you please give me some smart mobile phone❤

  • What you do with all this mobiles?? P40 pro 🔥🔥🔥 but cant buy it....😅

  • 11:39 so nobody's gonna talk about how fast he tapped to go back when that meme came 😂. Think he purposely did it

    • Yes! My brain definitely registered a word that doesn't normally show up in phone reviews, but I don't think my eyes actually saw it clearly at all.. lol


  • 11:38

  • Hey man send me dat phone

  • Chinese phones are catching up

  • Huawei have a grate phones but Is an asset hole you know what I mean

  • 5m!!!!!

  • ‘ Huawei -branded protein bar ' LOL

  • ATTACK OF THE CLONES IS A DECENT MOVIE!! just ignore the padme and anakin scene, it didnt happen.....

  • I love huwaei

  • nope

  • Detailed specifications of Huawei Mate 40 PRO

  • How many phones does he own ? Damn

  • I didnt get a case

  • My dream phone.

  • Like covid, another product from China. Let's ban all chinese products in solidarity to people who lost their lives more importantly their dreams. 🚫

  • What if you drop it?

  • Waaaaait a second here. My p40 pro didn't have the cover in the box, i just realized

    • @Adam Biros Rip

    • Lol 😂

    • It depends on your region, mine was Netherlands version and was also without a cover...

  • Even temper glass we don't get in our market for p40 pro 😂😂😂